One of Collabforge’s offerings are developed approaches to scaling collaboration to help participants reach deliberate outcomes. In our most recent effort, Hailey Cooperrider and Rebecca Dahl co-created a workshop with Low Carbon Living CRC. The workshop was part of the two-day CRC for Low Carbon Living Annual Participant Forum in Sydney, with over 110 attendees including researchers, practitioners and policymakers.

Hailey and Bec worked with the Low Carbon CRC team to facilitate conversation between participants on low carbon living outcomes, and to create their own ‘future headlines’ from a low carbon future. Here are just a handful of some of the headlines that the attendees came up with:

  • Bees travel no more than 20 meters for a food source in our cities and suburbs by 2020.
  • Landscape architecture is embedded in our cities to reduce urban water demand by 50% by 2020.
  • Safe and connected cycling is big in Australian cities in 2017
  • Australian living laboratories create sustainable communities with world’s lowest per capita carbon emissions by 2019

Want to read more? Check out the #CRCLCL tweets from the day, and Tim Horton’s piece about the workshop.

Hailey Cooperrider at the CRC for Low Carbon Living Annual Participant Forum. Image credit.

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