It’s hard to believe that I started Collabforge some eight years ago, and we’ve definitely learned a lot along the way. The most obvious (and simplest) is that we really need more great collaboration. We need great collaboration at all levels of life, from our home lives to our work in the office, as well as wider important areas like government, policy change and trying to make the world a better place.

Our first ever project, FutureMelbourne, is a good example of achieving great collaboration in an epic arena: the city’s ten year strategic plan that guides the city’s activities and services for years to come. This project gave anyone in the world the ability to add, edit or delete the plan’s content. Five years later, the plan was endorsed by a new council and mayor – demonstrating not just a high quality process, but outcome as well.

Since then, we’ve helped diverse groups collaborate on over 100 innovation projects. Throughout, we’ve focused on equipping them with the capability they need to continue delivering great collaboration and innovation day in and day out. Indeed, collaboration capability is Collabforge’s reason for being. Our vision is a world where everyone has the capability to collaborate successfully to realise their best future.20140514_164258_edit1

Now, we’re busy working on some ideas related to spreading collaboration capability that we’re quietly excited to share with the world (evidence pictured!).

On Tuesday June 3 in Melbourne, we’ll be bringing together some of our good friends who we know care deeply about collaboration and innovation. Together we will contemplate and discuss the potential for more open, valuable and even epic collaboration.

It’s not going to be all about Collabforge–we’re equally keen to hear your stories about what you’re working on and why collaboration matters. Get in touch with us to express your interest in attending. The event will be in the Melbourne CBD from 6pm on June 3.


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