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NESTA finds patterns across gov innovation teams

British independent innovation charity NESTA has just released a new report, ‘i-teams: The teams and funds making innovation happen in governments around the world’. The paper focuses on the stories of 20 innovation units, teams and funds, with the criteria that each i-team is inside a government organisation, or otherwise set up and/or funded by the government. The report’s authors, Ruth Puttick, Philip Colligan & Peter Baeck, write: Our objective has been to learn from the new practices being developed […]

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NY Times see collaboration as the way to innovation success

Technology and the internet have both helped and hindered the news industry. Blogs and Twitter have taken over some of the space that newspapers have traditionally covered. On the other hand, social media has allowed news outlets to provide a constant stream of news, interact directly with their readers, and get a direct source of news as it happens. Despite being a highly acclaimed and award-winning newspaper, The New York Times has felt the impact of new media. In a […]

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Crowdsourced policy leads to $1B endowment for Alberta Gov

The Alberta Government recently won a Social Innovation Endowment (SIE) for $1 billion to help, “deliver on the goals, visions and principles defined by Alberta’s Social Policy Framework.” The aim of the framework is to help renew and strengthen the Canadian province’s social and cultural sector with innovative solution-oriented approaches. The government hopes to continue tackling issues such as homelessness, family violence and poverty, with social innovations coming from all levels of their community (individuals, groups, and organisations working alone […]

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Collaboration to drive innovation with The Industry Innovation Network

In June last year, Collabforge led a consortium to win a contract with the Australian Department of Industry. The focus was to build the Industry Innovation Network, a nationwide community and online platform for Australian innovators. What attracted us to the project was its purpose: to help Australia become a more competitive and innovative nation by engendering a more collaborative culture. Australia lags behind other developed countries in terms of local industry collaboration for innovation. As a nation, we also […]

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