Drawing upon our team’s expertise, Collabforge offers a variety of collaboration and innovation services for both private and public sector clients. We specialise in creating tailored solutions for teams and organisations, with the ability to design truly scalable offerings – from two collaborators to 20,000.

Our approach

While our services are diverse, we tackle all projects with the same approach to ensure the best outcomes for our clients.

Collabforge’s own vision is that every person and organisation has the capability to collaborate successfully to realise their desired future. Our approach is designed to realise this vision by helping our clients build collaboration capability throughout the course of innovation and change projects that deliver targeted and timely business value. Read more about our approach.


Collabforge can help you and your team co-create strategy to become an organisation that is truly collaborative. A shared strategic direction enables your group to deliver impact through coordinated action with a growing number of people.

Strategic services include:

  • Collaboration health assessment: Does your team or organisation know when and how to collaborate?
  • System and network mapping: What are the key assets, technologies, people and information flows, and how do they relate?
  • Change enablement: How will you best support, motivate and guide change towards a new vision?
  • Strategy and policy co-creation: What are the approaches and technologies you need to enable genuine collaboration?


Learning to collaborate means developing new skills to trigger greater levels of shared vision and contribution from your team, organisation and network.

Collabforge can bring fresh thinking and ideas that deliver more impactful outcomes through our facilitated training sessions, half-day and full-day workshops, presentations, community events, lectures and mentorships. We engage topics such as:

  • Collaboration: Need to build and align your team or organisation’s capability in order to create great outcomes together?
  • Strategy & policy creation: Is your policy or planning landscape complex? Do you need to go further together, avoiding pitfalls that come with working in isolation?
  • Innovation: Need some help pushing forward your innovation process, ideas or outcomes?
  • Social media & online collaboration: Need to make a step change in connecting and collaborating with others in your organisation, community or around the world?


Collabforge have a purpose-built software ready to support scalable collaboration needs including:

  • Public engagement and consultation
  • Co-creation of policies and strategic plans
  • Communities and networks of interest and practice
  • Co-design and delivery of collaborative projects

Learn more & see examples here.