Mark, Alex, GavinLast Friday, Minister Gavin Jennings, Victorian Minister for Environment, Climate Change & Innovation, launched, a collaborative community consultation site that Collabforge built for Parks Victoria (Australia’s state of Victoria parks management body).

(Upper pic, left-right: me, Alex Gibson – Collabforge developer of the wePlan site, Hon Gavin Jennings. Lower pic: Hon Gavin Jennings – & my MacBook Pro

Gavin JenningsTruth be told, our involvement was much greater that just the development of this site. We have been working very closely – I’d even go so far as to say collaboratively – with Louise Rose and Stacy Giannini in the development of a strategic approach to online community consultation.

The strategy we’ve developed aims at providing the best match for process to tools, as well as flagging of the major considerations, risks and opportunities that social media and online collaboration present (e.g. moderation, virtual community dynamics, content licensing, community management, etc).

This strategic approach characterises Collabforge’s work in general. Does your organisation have experience in the development/application of online engagement and or collaboration strategies? If so/not, please share your experience and thoughts!