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The maker movement is growing in popularity worldwide, with even US President Obama giving the DIY culture his stamp of approval.

It isn’t surprising then that Deloitte Australia’s Centre for the Edge has taken a deep look at the movement, and last month launched its report, Product Innovation in a hyper connected world: The Australian Maker Movement. The report is based from Deloitte US’s research into this area, and translated for the local economy and culture.

The report was launched in Melbourne on June 26, with Collabforge’s strategy and collaboration lead Hailey Cooperrider attending, along with fellow enthusiasts and the local maker community. As well as releasing the publication, the event also included a panel discussion with organisations such as LIFX, Super Awesome MicroProject, Pozible and others around the opportunities for the maker movement down under.

The Australian economy has relied heavily on the manufacturing industry, but recent developments in this area are seen as foreboding to some. The report remains positive, despite the closure of not one but multiple major automotive manufacturers on our shores. Deloitte instead points to a future that could be powered by a strong DIY spirit, and a growing makers movement culture in Australia. The report points out that creative start ups are also likely to not be isolated entrepreneurs, but collaborations across networks. Struggling businesses that traditionally operate in a top down, non-collaborative structure would do well to take note.

Watch the event slideshow below, and download the report here. Read tweets from the event here.

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