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Over the past six years, Collabforge has been designing and implementing events for clients. These draw on our team’s core skills and expertise, and include change enablement workshops, innovation accelerators, industry talks and more.

Historically, these have all come out of very specific briefs from organisations and teams, with a particular outcome in mind. We are now delighted to announce that we are opening these up to a wider audience with our first round of public workshops in Melbourne!

We are also incredibly excited because we will be partnering up with Hub Melbourne for these workshops. It is a perfect fit, with Hub Australia’s passion being, “innovation through collaboration.” Hub Australia is a certified B Corporation, and Post1has been hosting events to educate, connect and inspire its members and the wider community for years. Hub Australia is sponsoring our Level Up series of workshops, allowing Collabforge to bring our expertise and knowledge of scaling collaboration to Hub.

The first planned workshops will both be on Thursday, June 26 in Melbourne. Read more about it on our events page, or head straight to Eventbrite to purchase tickets.

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