Collabforge worked with City of Melbourne to map the existing city planing process and then from these, developed a reengineered process that leveraged collaboration and utilised cutting edge ‘web 2.0’ solutions.

Most notably, a wiki-based collaboration environment was developed in order to enable collaboration amongst the many City officers and stakeholders, as well as members of the general public during the public consultation period.

“Collabforge were integral to the success of the Future Melbourne project. As a result of their comprehensive hands-on approach to online community management, we were able to quickly identify, respond and shape conversations with the public in a manner that maximised community engagement whilst effectively minimising risk. Collabforge delivered a tailor-made approach to change management that operated from inception to project finalisation. Future Melbourne’s success can be measured by our recent win in the 2008 Victorian Awards for Planning Excellence, an achievement that would not have been possible without Collabforge.” — Future Melbourne Team, City of Melbourne

The Future Melbourne project recently won a Planning Institute of Australia (Victoria Division) Award for Excellence, Local Government (click here for the award citation – see page 19) and more recently, the Planning Institute of Australia’s prestigious President’s Award (click here for the press release).

Services provided for the Future Melbourne project:

Consulting:organisational cooperation & collaboration, organisational web 2.0 adoption and change management, virtual community dynamics, user experience / usability, open access participation monitoring, research & writing strategic documents, press liaison, online promotions and publicity.

Collaborative environment design & development: custom wiki design, in-wiki blog, collating wiki pages for linear document output (one click printing, table of contents, navigation, etc), in-wiki messaging, auto wiki page translation, etc.

Site hosting & administration: managed hosting provided including system administration, custom scripting, data/net mining and application support.

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