Collabforge’s Future Melbourne project redefined public participation in city planning. The process behind this award winning wiki-based collaborative city plan has since been tuned and refined into a service package that is ready for implementation in your city or town. To inquire about our services, fill out our contact form today.

“Could this be the future of public participation?”
On September 18th, 2009 Collabforge Founder and Director, Dr. Mark Elliott, presented a webcast to the American Planning Association entitled Creating a Truly Collaborative Planning Platform: Future Melbourne‚Äôs Collaborative Plan Writing Initiative, which explained the theory and techniques behind these services. Planners who fill out our contact form will receive a copy of Dr. Elliott’s slideshow. Simply mention your interest in the slideshow in the content of your message.

Planners are also encouraged to download the Future Melbourne Post-Implementation Review (PDF – 1.8MB). The review identifies key successes, learnings and recommendations which were informed by a range of quantitative data regarding site usage and engagement, during both the four week Future Melbourne public participation period and over the life of the project. A number of interviews were also conducted with participants, including staff from various Council branches as well as public participants.