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We’re getting out of the office to talk collaboration, innovation and knowledge with two upcoming events:

Level Up Workshop – 27th August

Collabforge will be hosting our second LEVEL UP: Skills for Mass Collaboration Workshop August 27.Acknowledging great feedback on our July workshop, this month we’ll be focusing more deeply on how to use principles of stigmergy to get your audience collaborating with having to tell them how! Join us or find more information here.
Use code COLLABORATOR for a 10% discount to snap up remaining seats.

Melbourne Knowledge Week – 29th October

Collabforge is participating in Melbourne Knowledge Week, running a interactive workshop on Collaborative Knowledge Creation October 29th. We’ll be exploring the potential of collaborative technologies to co-create knowledge real-time in a digitally-enhanced interactive workshop. Join us to learn about collaboration as a tool to create new knowledge across social, industry and disciplinary boundaries – now and in the future. We’ll tweet & let you know when the program is launched and you can register to come along – or email us for more details!


Stigmergy is a little known concept that explains a surprising number of things in our world, like how ants find food, termites build nests, and people make Wikipedia. This concept was a core component of Dr. Mark Elliott’s PhD research, which is why we have an ant on our logo. Read Mark’s journal article, Stigmergic Collaboration: The Evolution of Group Work, for an introduction to how this concept applies to collaboration.

In recent months, we’ve noticed a significant increase in interest in stigmergy, whether it’s the active use of the #stigmergy hashtag on twitter, or the growing number of blog posts and journal articles being linked there.

Francis Heylighen, one of the readers of Mark’s Ph.D., recently released a paper providing a deep dive into stigmergy:Stigmergy as a Universal Coordination Mechanism: components, varieties and applications.

For those who want to stay ahead of the curve on collaboration, stigmergy is a concept to watch.

DELOITTE REPORT: Collaboration worth $46 billion to Aus economy

Our sincere thanks to Deloitte Access Economics and Google for proving something we’ve long known: collaboration is hugely valuable in many ways. Their report,The Collaborative Economy – unlocking the power of the workplace crowd, quantifies the value of greater workplace collaboration in Australia at $46 billion per year, with $9.3 billion per year of additional potential value. It also shows that collaboration leads to faster growth, increased profitability and competitiveness, and a more satisfied workforce. Read the report here.

"Strategy is not really a solo sport - even if you're the CEO." Max McKeown.

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