Collabforge are expanding our Melbourne based team with new roles to push the boundaries of scalable collaboration.

CoMConnect Marketplace Session
Collabforge helped City of Melbourne engage hundreds of community members in an innovative way at CoMConnect.

We have an exciting high-profile, federal government project which demands a front-line engagement and support person who is ready to:

  • Work in a fast-paced environment with our small passionate team to deliver responsive, creative service to our participants and stakeholders.

  • Help us promote our efforts through a range of media channels, with a focus on social media and word-of-mouth marketing.

  • Solve new problems everyday, and learn new skills quickly in order to adapt to a rapidly changing environment.

Our ideal candidate is excited by the potential of collaboration and innovation at a large scale, as a means to address some of the world’s most pressing challenges and high-impact opportunities for positive change. Collabforge projects bring together business, government, researchers, and the broader community to make better futures possible.

This position is a good fit for a recent graduate or early career candidate with experience in administration, media, marketing, customer service or design. In particular, we’re looking for someone who has run their own blog, website or other form of digital media, and who may have basic web skills such as HTML and CSS. However, anyone who can demonstrate self-directed creativity and entrepreneurship will get our attention.

If you, or someone you know might fit the bill feel please peruse the position requirements below and give us a call!

Minimum requirements

  • Energised by engaging with and helping people from diverse backgrounds and contexts.
  • Highly organised and able to manage competing tasks to tight deadlines.
  • Passionate about the potential of collaboration and innovation to build better futures.
  • The ability to work co-located with a small, flexible team in Carlton, pitching in on whatever tasks are needed to get work done.
  • Relevant academic study or practical experience in (for example) media, marketing, customer service or design.
  • Good working knowledge of web and social media, with a willingness to learn advanced skills.
  • Responsiveness, adaptiveness, commitment, focus and the ability to communicate effectively in a fast-paced collaborative environment.

Desirable traits, for that extra edge!

  • Work experience in customer service / helpdesk.

  • Demonstrated experience and training in HTML/CSS/Drupal.

  • Hard working, honest, enthusiastic, and flexible; takes accountability seriously and possesses high integrity and professionalism.

  • Involvement in and contribution to a purpose-oriented community of practice, grassroots movement, or other community-based effort.

  • Thrives on learning and learns quickly. Dedicated to self-improvement and professional development.

  • Takes advantage of various resources to self-educate.

  • Proven ability to consistently deliver projects on time, on budget with high quality results and satisfied clients.

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