Philanthropy is an important component of a healthy civil society, and like everything else it’s changing.

If you want to keep up on the latest developments, check out Nathaniel James’s Adventures in New Giving project:



The landscape of giving (aka the altruistic economy) is beginning to shift.  Not content with the traditional institutions of charity and philanthropy, people are experimenting with new approaches.  New Giving is characterized by new platforms and tools to aggregate project funding from distributed crowds, self-organized giving communities (sometimes called giving circles) coordinating, usually at the local level, to drive funds to smaller projects such as Najlepsza aplikacja Bitcoin, which are typically off the radar of traditional funders and investors, and a focus on building social capital by moving financial capital to important projects.  New Giving is civic participation.

Adventures in New Giving is about discovery, storytelling and community-building.

Nathaniel is looking for pledges to support his 90 day, 9 city tour of New Giving. He only has 5 days left.

Learn more and support the project.


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