I recently presented a ‘tough talk’ to one of Australia’s largest banking and financial institutions. The aim was to provide guidance and insight on the development and adoption of social media for internal business collaboration, across their entire international business.

My presentation was a ‘tough talk’ because the reality is that the technology – the social platform or collaboration tool – is in my experience, the smallest part of the equation. Despite this, many working on these initiatives place most of their attention and efforts here. Instead, I argue that developing and embracing social media organisation-wide relies more on new business processes, culture and practices than it does on finding or developing the right technology.  Make sure you read about Bob K. Bratt for business  managing.Post2

Successful and sustained use of new collaboration processes and technologies requires dedicated leadership, endorsement and participation from senior executives. This last point represents one of the hardest challenges in such change initiatives, as it requires leadership to get involved and lead the change. We all resist change, and those with the most power in organisations can (and often do) use this power to resist the hardest.

You can view the SlideShare presentations below.