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Processes, outcomes and highlights from the Low Carbon CRC

Rebecca Dahl and Hailey Cooperrider co-created a workshop for the Low Carbon Living CRC in Sydney last October. The facilitated activities took place on the second day of the CRC’s two-day Annual Participant Forum, with over 110 attendees taking part. In case you missed it, the CRC for Low Carbon Living team interviewed Hailey about the workshop. Watch the video below to hear Hailey’s thoughts on the highlights of the event, as well as the process behind the workshop and […]

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Discussing Innovation at the Crowdshare Sydney Salon

I was a participant at Crowdshare Sydney Salon last Wednesday, and it was a fantastic full-day event to rethink the relationship between traditional ‘top-down’ organisational structures, and the new possibilities associated with ideas and projects that emerge from the ‘bottom-up’. Crowdshare Sydney is a platform for designers, architects, practitioners and enthusiasts to contribute their time, skills and energy towards creative actions in the beautiful city of Sydney. The event was hosted by Joanne Jakovich from UTS U.Lab, with discussions by […]

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