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Collaboration to drive innovation with The Industry Innovation Network

In June last year, Collabforge led a consortium to win a contract with the Australian Department of Industry. The focus was to build the Industry Innovation Network, a nationwide community and online platform for Australian innovators. What attracted us to the project was its purpose: to help Australia become a more competitive and innovative nation by engendering a more collaborative culture. Australia lags behind other developed countries in terms of local industry collaboration for innovation. As a nation, we also […]

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Rent a studio space

Collabforge ran a design thinking event in Sydney earlier this year as part of our work with Project Leap. Sparked by Tim Horton’s talk at the event, I found this interesting service in the US that provides a studio space for teams to live and relax in while working on their business or product. Based in New York City, Pure House is a for-profit company that rents out apartments to, “Digital Nomads, Creative Misfits, Disruptive Innovators, Social Entrepreneurs and the […]

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