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Report: Breaking the Productivity Impasse

Gordon Noble (Director Investments and Economy, Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia Ltd.) and Brad Krauskopf (CEO, Third Spaces Group) have just launched their report ‘Breaking the Productivity Impasse’. The report discusses the need for Australia to ‘boost productivity to deal with the multiple challenges of declining trade, the high Australian dollar, and the looming demographic time-bomb’ of an ageing population. Gordon and Brad point out that commuting to work can present issues, such as an increased carbon footprint, reducing […]

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Coworking, Collaboration & Productivity

The first image that springs to mind for some when you mention a freelancer is a lone ranger, using WiFi at the local Starbucks or an individual who works from home in pyjamas. Increasingly though, coworking spaces are becoming more and more popular around Australia and internationally. Even multinational corporations and government agencies are getting into the coworking action, to help boost their employees morale and productivity by being in an engaging and cooperative work environment. One notable coworking space […]

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