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Maker movement making tracks in Aus

Image via Brian E. Kurtz   The maker movement is growing in popularity worldwide, with even US President Obama giving the DIY culture his stamp of approval. It isn’t surprising then that Deloitte Australia’s Centre for the Edge has taken a deep look at the movement, and last month launched its report, Product Innovation in a hyper connected world: The Australian Maker Movement. The report is based from Deloitte US’s research into this area, and translated for the local economy and […]

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Eurisko 2013

Here at Collabforge, we are strong believers in learning by doing, and sharing knowledge, skills and resources. Safe to say that I checked out Eurisko Melbourne 2013 over the weekend in North Melbourne. Eurisko Melbourne is a community-focused ‘maker’ event with a range of stalls and demonstrations for D.I.Y. (do-it-yourself), D.I.T. (do-it-together) and D.I.W.O. (do-it-with-others) enthusiasts. Here are just some of our Collabforge friends who were at Eurisko: Alex Gibson demonstrating ArtBox, and open software / open hardware tool to […]

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