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Policy 2.0: Webinar featuring Alberta’s Social Policy Wiki and Australian Gov 2.0 Leader Pia Waugh

At Collabforge, we believe that the future of policy is connected, collaborative and community-driven. Many of our projects, starting with the groundbreaking Future Melbourne ‘City Plan that Anyone Can Edit’ all the way up to the Speak.Share.Thrive platform hosted by Alberta Canada’s Department of Human Services, exemplify this spirit. Collabforge’s role is to support government departments through the process of building a culture of collaboration as well as implementing technology strategically, in order to take a participatory approach to policy. […]

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wePlan Parks Victoria Loves the Spotlight!

Collabforge project, wePlan Parks Victoria, was recently spotlighted by the Government 2.0 Action Plan activities. wePlan Parks breaks new ground as the first instance where social media has been used to engage with the public in guiding the future of Victoria’s parks. It was inspired by the City of Melbourne’s Future of Melbourne wiki and by a desire to reach a wider audience in real time throughout the life cycle of developing a park management plan. Parks Victoria is using […]

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Collabforge Offers Collaborative Planning Services

Collabforge’s Future Melbourne project redefined public participation in city planning. The process behind this award winning wiki-based collaborative city plan has since been tuned and refined into a service package that is ready for implementation in your city or town. To inquire about our services, fill out our contact form today. “Could this be the future of public participation?”On September 18th, 2009 Collabforge Founder and Director, Dr. Mark Elliott, presented a webcast to the American Planning Association entitled Creating a […]

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