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Crowdsourced policy leads to $1B endowment for Alberta Gov

The Alberta Government recently won a Social Innovation Endowment (SIE) for $1 billion to help, “deliver on the goals, visions and principles defined by Alberta’s Social Policy Framework.” The aim of the framework is to help renew and strengthen the Canadian province’s social and cultural sector with innovative solution-oriented approaches. The government hopes to continue tackling issues such as homelessness, family violence and poverty, with social innovations coming from all levels of their community (individuals, groups, and organisations working alone […]

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Policy 2.0: Webinar featuring Alberta’s Social Policy Wiki and Australian Gov 2.0 Leader Pia Waugh

At Collabforge, we believe that the future of policy is connected, collaborative and community-driven. Many of our projects, starting with the groundbreaking Future Melbourne ‘City Plan that Anyone Can Edit’ all the way up to the Speak.Share.Thrive platform hosted by Alberta Canada’s Department of Human Services, exemplify this spirit. Collabforge’s role is to support government departments through the process of building a culture of collaboration as well as implementing technology strategically, in order to take a participatory approach to policy. […]

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