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Studying Platform Strategy at MIT

I recently traveled to Boston’s Massachusetts Institue of Technology (MIT) to attend the executive course, Platform Strategy: Building and Thriving in a Vibrant Ecosystem. The course presented The MIT / Sloan Business School’s latest research on marketplace platform strategy and design. With such platforms now constituting some of the world’s fastest growing, most profitable and disruptive organisations (think Google, Uber, AirBnB, eBay, etc), researchers, executives, managers, designers and entrepreneurs are scrambling to get across this space. From a Collabforge perspective, […]

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Four Trends for Australian Smart Cities in 2016

Mark Elliott & Colin Fairweather (CIO, City of Melbourne) have joined others to write a summary of some of the trends they are seeing in Smart City activity in respect to their countries. This comes off the back of the Smart Cities Conference, which Mark attended in November 2015. Below is the English transcript of the Smart Cities magazine article Australian component submitted by Mark Elliott and Colin Fairweather (CIO, City of Melbourne) – 1. 2016 will be a year of consolidation […]

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Building collaboration capability with the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage

Collabforge has just started on its 4th collaboration project in six months with the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage (“OEH”). These projects have, and are, proving to be an excellent case study on how to build collaboration capability within an organisation whilst helping them deliver on core organisational goals. OEH is a NSW government agency that protects and conserves the natural environment, Aboriginal country, culture and heritage, and built heritage (see more here). Collabforge’s projects with OEH have largely […]

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Getting to know Enspiral

At Collabforge, we work with a lot of established organisations to help them adopt a more collaborative way of working. But what if we were to design a new collaborative organisation from the ground up, using the latest frameworks and technologies? What would that look like? Collabforge is one example, but perhaps a more radical example is a collective that started in Wellington, New Zealand, known as Enspiral. In recent months, I’ve gotten to know Enspiral a lot better, and […]

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FutureMelbourne 2008 in the Press, FutureMelbourne 2026 Launched!

FutureMelbourne, one of our founding projects, has recently been featured in this publication from Local Government Professionals Australia. We are excited to see this historic project shared with a fresh audience, especially given the City of Melbourne has just launched FutureMelbourne 2026, an engagement process which will refresh the plan through community-generated ideas and insights. FutureMelbourne enabled the City of Melbourne to use online co-creation for bigger and better collaboration – specifically in relation to collaboratively drafting a new city […]

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