Commonwealth government funds Collabforge to improve community consultation

The Business Research and Innovation Initiative is a competitive grant program to fund innovative companies to solve challenges and create new businesses. Collabforge was one of four companies funded to undertake a feasibility study on improving Australian Public Service co-design, collaboration and consultation processes. Specifically, the grant is focused on reducing barriers and costs to consultation, extending its reach, and delivering better outcomes in general through use of new technologies. Collabforge have been working and dreaming in this space for the last decade, […]

Getting the ideas flowing, digitally, at Department of Employment

“We’ve got a tool with a really good uptake, people are really engaged with it – we’ve had over 50 ideas in the first week alone,” reflects Caty Carfrae, Project Support Officer, on the success of the Ideas Management System (IMS). One week after the soft launch of the IMS and the Australian Government Department of Employment already had results they could be proud of: More than 200 staffers signed up to the system – double the number expected 56 […]

Upgrading Department of Employment’s organisational capability through cocreation

“We are forward looking. We aim to become thought leaders in all aspects of employment…” – Renée Leon PSM, Secretary of the Department of Employment. Under the leadership of a Secretary committed to innovation and collaboration, Employment 2.0 is the bold new project out of the Australian Commonwealth’s Department of Employment. Through the process of large-scale collaboration, Employment 2.0 seeks to generate a shared understanding across the department of its many internal initiatives working towards building its organisational capability – […]

The DFAT innovationXchange’s 2015 Ideas Challenge

“The innovationXchange, within the Department of Foreign Affairs, conducted an ideas challenge in both 2015 and 2016 to find the creative ideas that we knew existed within our highly qualified and experienced staff, but which previously did not have clear pathways to be explored further. The challenges were also designed to get the Department talking about and understanding more about how we could do what DFAT does better, more cost efficiently and utilising available technology and science.” – Lisa Rauter, […]

Collaboration Masterclass free for the Victorian Public Service with VMIA

Victorian public service employees can attend Collabforge Collaboration Masterclasses at no cost – register now or read on to learn more. We recently partnered with the Victorian Managed Insurance Authority (VMIA) to provide Collaboration Masterclasses to the Victorian Public Service. Driven by the need for collaboration to identify and manage inter-agency risks effectively, VMIA wanted to help their clients increase their capability to work together across departments and agencies. Managing inter-agency risk well is critical and involves a lot of […]