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Talko makes phone calls collaborative

We’ve been trialling a new smartphone app called Talko that blends realtime audio, text messaging, and image sharing into one seamless stream. It already seems like a promising step forward in streamlining teamwork, although it’s currently on iPhone only. There’s a great in-depth article on Talko, and the story behind it, on Talko is latest project of veteran collaboration tool pioneer Ray Ozzie.

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Collaborative Knowledge Creation Event at Melbourne Knowledge Week – October 29th

Register now for our Collaborative Knowledge Creation session One of the benefits of collaboration is that it allows us to bring diverse knowledge to a particular challenge or opportunity. But how do we work together to apply knowledge once it’s been collected? How do we ensure the flow of knowledge across social, industry, and disciplinary boundaries? How do we work together to create new knowledge, to be used now and in the future? As part of Melbourne Knowledge Week, Collabforge […]

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Epic Collaboration Progress Report

It’s been four months since we launched Epic Collaboration, our initiative to grow the world’s capability for collaboration. Since then, we’ve made a lot of progress, and learned heaps about how to realise our vision. We’ve written a blog post summarising our learnings. We’d value your comments on this post, and you’ll see we’ve already had lots of great feedback. We’re already planning next steps, and we anticipate starting monthly collaboration sessions. Register to be notified.

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Crowdsourced policy leads to $1B endowment for Alberta Gov

The Alberta Government recently won a Social Innovation Endowment (SIE) for $1 billion to help, “deliver on the goals, visions and principles defined by Alberta’s Social Policy Framework.” The aim of the framework is to help renew and strengthen the Canadian province’s social and cultural sector with innovative solution-oriented approaches. The government hopes to continue tackling issues such as homelessness, family violence and poverty, with social innovations coming from all levels of their community (individuals, groups, and organisations working alone […]

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Co-creation and the European Union

The European Union is perhaps one of the biggest collaborations in history, and it has been interesting to see the many ways in which this has inspired a variety of boundary-pushing collaborative and participatory projects. Fellow cocreation enthusiast John Baxter recently shared a document written up by a few intrapreneurs at the European Commission (the EU’s executive body) about how they are using new, collaborative “ways of working to build stronger internal resilience, cross-DG (Directorate General) collaboration, and applied learning […]

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