Collaboration is a way of working...

                      Training and facilitation - Mentorship - Methodologies

Learning to collaborate means developing a new set of skills and behaviours, and a new level of shared vision and active contribution from your network.

                  Strategy - Technology - Project & Program Mgmt

An organisation that is truly collaborative at its core has the potential to deliver huge impact by enabling coordinated action with huge numbers of people.

                           Change enablement - Community events - Collab health check

At the end of the day, work should be awesome. Collaboration means having a people-centred culture that drives individual and collective well-being.

Latest blog posts

Super charge your collaborative sticky noting!

As collaboration practitioners and facilitators, we use plenty of sticky notes in our work but are we using them as well as we can?  This collaboration method presented by Autodesk’s Tom Wujec (and originally from XPLANE’s Dave Gray) is a simple but very useful practice for combining key concepts from design and collaboration – iteration, shared representation and cocreation – to ensure that your group’s sticky noting results in more creative, more robust and more accepted solutions. Iteration As the […]

Meet your friendly Collabforger…Lina Patel

Who are you Lina Patel? I’m a collaborative problem solver What cool skills and superpowers do you possess? My real superpower is that I have super-fast reflexes, but don’t test me on that!  I can generally catch things as they’re falling off tables. I can create order-from-chaos.  For example I like meaty client challenges where there could be a thousand ways to solve the problem and charting out an approach to get from here to there. I like using a […]

Collaborating with RMIT for Mass Collaboration

RMIT University is embarking on a process  – Shape RMIT – to develop a five year strategy, under the direction of a new Vice Chancellor, Martin Bean. The Vice Chancellor, Executive and strategy Project Team recognised the importance of an approach that is collaborative, transparent and engaging, while providing students and staff with meaningful opportunities to shape the future of RMIT. The challenge that was set for this project: How might we engage up to 100,000 students, staff and stakeholders […]

Taking Technology Modularity to the Next Level

We are currently helping RMIT University engage & collaborate with their students, staff and industry stakeholders on a new 5-year strategy. In order to best involve and engage these folks – nearly 100,000 of them! – we needed to do a bit of innovation ourselves. As Lead Developer for Collabforge, this presented some interesting challenges and opportunities. We took the plug-and-play modularity of our technology to the next level and did something that hadn’t been done before.   The software […]

Collaborating in Timor-Leste

  Collabforge’s Founding Director, Mark Elliott, writes about his recent time working in Timor-Leste…   I just spent an amazing three days in Dili, Timor-Leste (East Timor) doing a little pro bono work. The goal was to facilitate collaborative innovation with a group of NGOs (CARE International), philanthropists (Wise Foundation, English Family Foundation). The collaboration included participation with government (Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Timor Ministry of Commerce and Industry) and the private sector (Telekomcel, a local mobile […]

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What people are saying

Mark Elliott and the Collabforge team provided Parks Victoria with the strategy and solution for a planning web 2.0 application. The Collabforge team generates innovative ideas and have created a professional on-line environment in a timely manner. I would recommend their services to all organisations.

Louise Rose
Parks Victoria
Project Manager Alpine Planning

Collabforge occupies a niche in the market that is new and emerging. None of the bigger players yet “get” this space, whereas Collabforge has a profound understanding of both how people (communities, businesses, government) collaborate and how this is best achieved online.

John McGee
Director, Digital Futures
Tasmania Department of Economic Development Tourism & the Arts

Collabforge delivered a tailor-made approach to change management that operated from inception to project finalisation. Future Melbourne’s success can be measured by our recent win in the 2008 Victorian Awards for Planning Excellence, an achievement that would not have been possible without Collabforge.

The Future Melbourne Team
City of Melbourne