Collaboration is a way of working...

                      Training and facilitation - Mentorship - Methodologies

Learning to collaborate means developing a new set of skills and behaviours, and a new level of shared vision and active contribution from your network.

                  Strategy - Technology - Project & Program Mgmt

An organisation that is truly collaborative at its core has the potential to deliver huge impact by enabling coordinated action with huge numbers of people.

                           Change enablement - Community events - Collab health check

At the end of the day, work should be awesome. Collaboration means having a people-centred culture that drives individual and collective well-being.

Latest blog posts

FutureMelbourne 2008 in the Press, FutureMelbourne 2026 Launched!

FutureMelbourne, one of our founding projects, has recently been featured in this publication from Local Government Professionals Australia. We are excited to see this historic project shared with a fresh audience, especially given the City of Melbourne has just launched FutureMelbourne 2026, an engagement process which will refresh the plan through community-generated ideas and insights. FutureMelbourne enabled the City of Melbourne to use online co-creation for bigger and better collaboration – specifically in relation to collaboratively drafting a new city […]

Smart City Expo – 2015

In late November I attended the Smart City Expo in Barcelona. The conference was huge, with more than 14,000 people in attendance. I liked it’s ambitious vision for participants to “Envision the present and future of cities and urban innovation.” There was a lot of representation from international mega cities as you would expect – like London, New York, Istanbul etc. If cities were primates I imagine these guys as the gorillas, totally owning the international jungle in urban innovation. […]

Collaboration case study: Public Transport Victoria

  Are you a Public Transport user (especially in Victoria)? Do you use an app to help you with your journey? If so, how useful is it? Have your own ideas about how these apps could be more useful in terms of creating a winning customer experience for you? These were the types of questions we asked our community of collaborators for ‘VicTripathon’, a program of collaborative activity which Collabforge consortium co-designed and delivered on behalf of Public Transport Victoria […]

A short story on Collabforge’s own collaboration practices

  It’s 9am on Monday morning and Mark Elliott is already hard at work at his standing desk, headphones on, busy multi-tasking between his Mac and his iPhone. He deftly switches between screens and tasks, like a pilot, in a disciplined and well-practiced routine that he constantly hones and refines. His main focus each morning are his key Trello boards, in particular ones relating to his priority business development tasks as well as his own board which he uses to […]

Gaming for collaborative strategy-making

  Collaboration Workshop Specialist John Hibble recently attended a 1-day Gamestorming workshop with Dave Gray as part of the UX Australia 2015 conference and workshop series. Dave describes Gamestorming as “a holistic collaboration approach that makes it possible for everyone in the organization to participate in creative and design-oriented activities. Whether it’s planning a meeting, generating ideas, understanding customers, creating prototypes, or making better decisions, Gamestorming is a way for groups to “work better together.” As a Gamestorming fan and […]

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What people are saying

Collabforge made developing our Website and Wiki simple. No wading through the jargon land of ‘Information Technology’; just dialogue that made sense and practically aligned with what we were trying to achieve. So patient, so helpful and always on the other end of the phone when I needed to ask a question.

Alison Fitzgerald
Inner Melbourne Action Plan Implementation Officer

Mark Elliott and the Collabforge team provided Parks Victoria with the strategy and solution for a planning web 2.0 application. The Collabforge team generates innovative ideas and have created a professional on-line environment in a timely manner. I would recommend their services to all organisations.

Louise Rose
Parks Victoria
Project Manager Alpine Planning

Collabforge gave us the very big advantage of engaging with some of our most important stakeholders in a way that excited them about the project and encouraged them to get on board.

Beau Zlatkovic
Volunteering Portal
Victorian Department of Planning and Community Development